Gearing up for our Hot Dog Menu

Published Feb. 25, 2015, 9:19 p.m.

So in a couple weeks we are going to be bringing back the Hub's Hot Dog menu for the spring training games! This year I wanted to add a little taste of my Minnesota roots and make this menu extra special! I went to the Brathaus and made my own sausage (which you can see here) , and came up with a delicious menu that I am sure you will love!

Recently I was asked when attending the Minnesota state fair what is the one thing that I HAVE to have? There are soooo many things to pick from, but I would have to say the "Proto Pup"...this is the best corn dog you have ever had in your life, but with a sweeter batter than your traditional corn batter.

I am planning on putting a Hub spin on this amazing creation and bringing it right to your tastebuds! I can't wait to share this menu with you!sausage

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