Paying It Forward

Published May 4, 2016, 5:49 p.m.


The HUB is grateful to have participated in many charitable events for the past year.


During the 2015-16 NFL season we were part of Big Bills Jersey Raffles where 15% of the proceeds went to local youth sports. Rather than just donating the proceeds we decided to do something a little different. We asked the teams to pay it forward. We chose two of the local youth sports teams and asked them to select a community project they were passionate about and coordinate a day that could impact THEIR local community.


One of our teams, The Halos Baseball Team of Mesa, went to put a smile on the faces of the Summit at Sunland Springs long-term care facility for adults living with dementia.


The Halos team spent the day visiting with the residents, and putting on one of the funniest comedy/charades shows Mesa has ever seen! They created such a fantastic environment for a day full of smiles!


Imagine Schools Athletic Department in Apache Junction headed to Empowerment systems, which is a social outreach center that helps families in need. The kids spent the morning organizing, making and distributing food to over 150 families from local partners that donate fresh produce to families in need.  


Both projects were such incredibly rewarding experiences for our young people. They were so delighted to be able to create such a direct impact on the lives of others in their own backyard. Being a part of the these kids making a difference was priceless.


We truly want to extend a HUGE thank you to HUB Nation for making us the center of your local community experience! We are working hard on earning future opportunities with you, our guests and new ways to create a positive impact in our own backyard!